I started learning Python with the help of a free online MIT course two years ago. Here's what's happened since:

  • The first practical application I coded was an in-house tool for auto-formatting article information into structured HTML, for use in MailChimp templates.
  • I built Extract Article Text, an online app that uses a random-forest-based machine-learning algorithm to extract relevant text from article URLs, then output the results in a downloadable JSON file.
  • I've built a reporting tool for The Edge Group that automatically sends biweekly newsletter analytics summaries via email. You can see how this looks like here (company data omitted).
  • I like deriving insights from text. I've used NLP tools like Spacy, NLTK, Watson, and AWS Comprehend to co-write articles like this and newsletters like this.
  • Check out this page for all the tech that I'm well-versed in.